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A Guide to Business News

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Business news is a branch of journalism that documents, records and analyzes the economic activities of societies. Generally, this information is conveyed in news articles, podcasts, radio and television shows that cover topics like corporate strategies, financial investments, the stock market, consumer trends and workplace issues. This dynamic and challenging area of journalism is one of the most sought after positions in media organizations, and it is an extremely important and influential part of our daily lives.

In simplest terms, business is the act of buying and selling goods or services for profit. While there are some businesses that produce goods, the vast majority focus on promoting and selling those products or services to consumers. The more a business is able to sell, the more profitable it will be. The success or failure of a business can have significant impacts on the economy and society at large, making this type of news highly relevant to citizens.

There are many sources of business news, including newspapers, magazines and online publications. Most general publications will include a section dedicated to business news, but some may also focus on a specific industry or niche. Trade publications are often a good source of business news because they cover the aspects of an industry that directly affect individual companies.

The Library of Congress has a wide variety of print and microform sources for researching business news. This guide is designed to assist researchers in locating business news coverage from around the world. However, it is important to note that while this guide focuses on international news sources, the majority of general publications will include national news coverage as well.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in business journalism, earning a master’s degree in journalism can help prepare you for the challenges and rewards of this highly respected profession. Through the Medill School’s Master of Science in Journalism program, you will learn the fundamentals of business journalism through a mix of classes and hands-on reporting experience. In the classroom, you will study the fundamentals of accounting, the stock and bond markets, personal finance and government finance and agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Outside of the classroom, you will have the opportunity to gain real-world business reporting skills by working with a top local newspaper or radio/TV station as part of your practicum requirement. This opportunity will give you a competitive edge when applying to graduate programs or seeking employment in this field.