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New Law and the New York Law School Experience


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Law is the system of rules and regulations governing the behavior of individuals, organizations, or governments. Its purpose is to establish a framework for societal order and guide the path of private and commercial affairs. Its fundamental principles are derived from the Constitution, which serves as the highest authority in the United States. Other important sources of law include statutes, case laws, treatises, and constitutional amendments. The term “law” also refers to the legal process, including litigation.

The legal industry has a new mindset and new strategies for creating value. New law is client-centric, process driven and leveraging technology. This approach is generating more business and providing greater client satisfaction than ever before.

This bill would require City agencies to disclose to affected individuals and the public a security breach involving personal information in their custody or control if the agency reasonably believes that such personal information has been accessed, disclosed or used in an unauthorized manner; make technical adjustments to City data disclosure provisions; and provide a clearer and more consistent definition of what constitutes a “security breach” under State law.

New York Law School is proud to have deeply impactful faculty leaders, highly influential alumnae at the top of their profession, a diverse student body comprising 62 percent women, and a rich collection of scholarship and archival materials that spans decades. Together with a robust academic and experiential learning program, this unique mix of talent makes us the best law school in the world.

As the world around us continues to accelerate, the prevailing law firms and in-house legal departments will be required to master significant global challenges that cannot be mastered by one individual, function, enterprise, or stakeholder group alone. Collaboration is a natural and necessary response, and the legal function can–and should–play a key role.

The new law environment will feature platforms that are secure, scalable, accessible, affordable, collaborative, data-backed, and solutions based. These platform tools will transform the traditional siloed practice of law and empower all stakeholders to participate in more agile, efficient, and effective ways.

This bill requires that the attorney’s fee multiplier in wrongful death and other personal injury cases be eliminated, as well as provides uniform standards to help juries determine the accurate value of medical damages. It also reduces the statute of limitations for general negligence actions to two years and allows hotel service workers to claim severance pay.