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What is Law New?

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Law new refers to the concept of growing and expanding the practice of law. This is an area of the legal industry that can be a game changer for any firm. As more lawyers explore this concept, it will become clear that the benefits are enormous.

It is an idea that many legal firms are exploring today and one they will likely continue to focus on in the future. The goal of this concept is to offer more help to clients without impacting other areas of the law that might be the primary focus of a legal firm. It is a process that takes advantage of technology and offers more flexible fee structures. It also involves a different type of staffing where the staffers are not on a partnership track and are hired on a freelance basis.

Often when you hear the term, “law new” it is used as a substitute for the terms legal innovation or alternative legal services providers. The problem with this nomenclature is that it confuses the public and creates confusion in the market place. Legal innovation focuses on changing processes and client impact. Alternative legal service providers focus on efficiencies and reducing costs. The idea behind law new is to produce change that has an impact on both the industry and society at large.

The past fifteen years have produced changes in legal delivery. However, these are mainly improvements in efficiency that are not innovative and do not improve the quality of legal work or drive enhanced client experience. Legal operations introduce established business processes, technology and multidisciplinary expertise (non-lawyers) to the legal industry. These are building blocks for better delivery, but they are not the broader paradigm change that is the meaning of “law new.”

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