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What is Law New?

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Law New is a term that refers to all the ways legal professionals can provide services in new ways, from working with underserved communities to creating strategies that have never been used in the practice of law before. It’s an idea that will be central to the future of the profession, and lawyers need to be ready for it.

Change is the only constant in today’s global marketplace, and the speed and breadth of change are producing new challenges that cannot be mastered by any one function, enterprise or stakeholder group. Those challenges often have significant economic and social impacts, making them particularly difficult to tackle and even harder to solve. They also require a collaborative process that spans multiple industries, functional areas and stakeholder groups.

The legal industry must respond to these challenges with a new model of delivery that is more integrated with the businesses and societies it serves. This new model must be fluid and collaborative, leveraging the technology platforms that drive customer impact and experience. It must also be able to adapt quickly, to the changing needs of its customers and the wider business environment.

This requires a legal industry that is more diverse cognitively, demographically, culturally and experientially, and more holistically team-oriented. It must be capable of thinking creatively, using data intelligently and delivering value-based services to the client. It must embrace collaboration with allied business professionals (non-lawyers) and across functions to deliver solutions at the speed of business.

To achieve this, the legal function must develop a level of data agility that includes mastery of the key elements of digital transformation: capture, unification, applied human and artificial intelligence, visualization, real-time refresh, decision driving and business integration. This will enable the legal function to proactively identify and eradicate risk, avoid the lost opportunity costs of protracted disputes, free up management to focus on core objectives and produce more effective, less costly and faster decisions.

The Legal Counsel Division assists City agencies, the Mayor and other elected officials with respect to policy initiatives and pending federal, state and local legislation and regulations affecting the City, including issues related to education, health, civil rights, transportation, housing and privacy. Additionally, the Division works with various City agencies to draft and review legislation and local rules.

New York City Laws & Rules

The City’s law and rules are codified in the New York City Charter, laws passed by City Council and periodically added to the New York Consolidated Laws, and the law and caselaw of City agencies and the courts. New York City’s laws and rules are available through various resources, including the New York City Laws and Regulations Online database, the City’s legislative website, the New York City Charter, and the City’s law library. You can also sign up for the Forbes Daily, our best stories, exclusive reporting and essential analysis of the day’s news delivered to your inbox every weekday morning. Sign up here.