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What Is Entertaiment?

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The word entertainment refers to various activities that take place in the entertainment industry. The word is often abbreviated to entmt and is commonly used in advertising, television news banners, and headlines. Nevertheless, it is not commonly used in general prose. In this article, we’ll discuss a few terms related to Entmt.


If you are looking for a home entertainment system, you may be interested in the Grey Sycamore TV Entertaiment Unit. This unit is available for purchase in Lancaster or on special order. It is also available in the Camp Hill area. You can find both store locations at Jonathan Charles Home Entertainment.


Zoo Entertainment is a record label that was founded by Lou Maglia in 1990. The label has released gold and platinum records for Tool, Green Jell, and Matthew Sweet. Its original Vice President of A&R was music industry executive George Daly. The label’s label is no longer active.

Zoo was purchased by Volcano Entertainment in 1996. Volcano then absorbed the Zoo artists. Zoo then went on to be part of the Zomba Label Group, a sister company of BMG. In 2002, Volcano was bought by BMG, but BMG still owns a small portion. In 2008, Volcano was purchased by Sony Corporation of America. The Zoo back catalog is now handled by Sony Music Group.

One way to improve zoo entertainment is to incorporate interactive exhibits that engage visitors. For example, the Houston zoo has a food-finding puzzle, which gives carnivores both physical and mental exercise. The experience also allows the carnivores to experience the thrill of the hunt. More zoos are beginning to create environments that empower their animals.


People have long been interested in zoos and other animal attractions. Many zoos are operated solely for public entertainment, while others support the care of animals in the wild. Zoos also have an educational mission and provide food for animals in need. Some zoos also hold after-hours events featuring live music, alcohol, fireworks, and other forms of entertainment. While these activities are primarily for human enjoyment, they also serve a valuable purpose in terms of conservation and research. Today, zoos are increasingly designing their environments to empower the animals.

Zoos also serve as animal ambassadors, demonstrating their beauty and majesty to zoo patrons. Though zoos started out as amusements, many still exist to generate revenue and tap into the wealthy societal appetite for entertainment. While some people believe zoos are a good way to preserve species, others counter that the practice is not effective and has negative effects on animals.

entertainment music

Entertainment music is a form of music that is played for entertainment purposes. It is used in a variety of venues, from regular gigs to concerts to musicals. Even solo artists perform music to entertain their audiences. These musical acts use music to create a fun atmosphere, and are often a part of celebrations.

Entertainment music can be classified into two general categories: music used for pure enjoyment, and music used for commercial purposes. It’s important to distinguish between the two to get a fair deal on commercial music licensing. Commercial music libraries want to license music that is intended for commercial purposes, while music for entertainment purposes is created with the intent of bringing pleasure to an audience.

At a zoo

At a zoo, you can see and learn about different types of animals. These animals are kept in enclosures and cared for by zookeepers. They are sometimes even bred for conservation purposes. The zoo is a great place to get an idea of different kinds of animals and how to protect them from the outside world.

The zoo industry has a vast variety of jobs available. The specifics of the job will vary from zoo to zoo, but the main job description will be the same in most cases. Zoos are usually run by a Director who is involved in new projects, funding and animal acquisition. Many of the animals are taken from their natural habitat and put in cages. Their social life is ruined and they are constantly mocked by people.