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What is Entertaiment?

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If you are in the entertainment business, you’ve probably heard the word “entertaiment” a lot. You can sometimes find this word abbreviated to entmt. This abbreviation is most commonly used in the entertainment industry; it is sometimes used as short hand notation or in headlines or TV news banners. It is not used in general prose, however. Here’s what it means.


The word Entertainment is often associated with amusement and fun, but there are times when it has a more serious purpose, such as a religious festival or ceremony. The purpose of entertainment may also be for relaxation or intellectual growth. Here are a few of the different meanings of entertainment. Read on to discover more about these different types of entertainment and how they relate to our lives. A similar word to Entertainment is awe, celebration, cheer, diversion, relief, and game.

The word entertainment can also mean hospitality, providing table settings, and a formal or elegant meal. It can be active or passive, free or paid for by others, and it may even refer to a show or activity. Many people enjoy both passive and active entertainment. There are many types of entertainment, and they can be found in all sorts of situations, from ballroom dancing to crossword puzzles. No matter what the meaning, the term is an important part of everyday life.


There are over 85 synonyms and idiomatic expressions for entertainment, including entertainment, celebration, gaiety, party, picnic, satisfaction, sport, and recreation. A quick Internet search for entertainment synonyms will reveal more than one word. A Merriam-Webster dictionary provides 50 related words and eleven synonyms. Listed below are the most popular ones. To learn more about these words, visit a dictionary’s page for entertainment.

Many dictionary entries are available on the Internet, including WordNet, an English Lexical Database hosted by Princeton University. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is another resource. In addition to the dictionary entry, you can find other synonyms and related words by using the search box below. A word’s meaning is related to its context. Entertainment can mean a variety of things, including games, theater, or even visual entertainment.

In addition to games and entertainment, sports provide recreation and mirth. However, in certain cases, the meaning of entertainment is higher than a sport, such as watching or participating in a game. Cheer, on the other hand, is a quiet, silent expression of mirth. While merriment and frolic are boisterous, amusement implies enjoyment, and may even be too keen to be categorized as a sport.


You have probably heard of many abbreviations in the entertainment industry, but do you really know what they mean? Some of the acronyms in entertainment do not even make sense to the average person. For example, “OTT” stands for over-the-top, referring to content delivered over the Internet, meaning that the consumer can watch it at any time, anywhere. Here are some examples. Read on to learn what they mean.

ENTMT stands for Entertainment. This abbreviation is a little bit more unique than the other abbreviations, but they are both related to entertainment. These two abbreviations differ by capitalization and punctuation. If you’re wondering about the differences between ENTMT and ENT, read on to learn how to use them correctly. Entertainment is a common industry term that involves a lot of different aspects.

Oftentimes, acronyms are used to describe common actions and scenarios. For example, “MIA” stands for “missing in action” and “ASAP” stands for “as soon as possible.” Other common acronyms include common phrases such as “rolling on the floor laughing” and even “best friends forever.” General shorthand phrases include DOB and DIY (do-it-yourself).