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The Definition and Synonyms of Entertaiment

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Entertainment is a term often used in the entertainment business. It is also abbreviated as entmt. Those in the industry usually use this term in their professional discussions and in their headlines. In general prose, however, it is not used. To better understand this term, consider its definition and some of its synonyms.


Entertainment is an activity or idea that holds an audience’s attention and provides pleasure. Although entertainment can be a task or an idea, most commonly it is an activity. Its origins go back thousands of years. Throughout history, humans have adapted these activities to entertain one another. From the simplest game to the most elaborate theatrical production, people have found countless ways to entertain themselves.

Entertainment can take many forms, including music, dance, theater, sport, and games. It can be performed live or recorded, and it may involve a scripted performance or an unscripted performance. It can also include food and drink. Some forms of entertainment have endured over time, despite changes in culture, technology, and fashion.

Amusement purveyor

Amusement purveyors are companies that provide equipment and supplies to amusement parks and other leisure facilities. Some of these companies have a global reach, while others are localized to a specific area. Liberty Games, for example, is a leading amusement purveyor in the UK. Their products include pinball machines themed on Internet memes, as well as arcade machines and arcade games that utilize the Raspberry Pi.


The word entertainment has several synonyms in the English language. Some of these include amusement, celebration, picnic, and sport. These related words describe the same idea. While the word entertainment is often a positive experience, it can also be a negative experience. To find the correct meaning of the word, try searching in a dictionary or in Merriam-Webster.

Many people use the word to describe a variety of events, shows, and celebrity appearances. They also use it to refer to various hobbies and activities. Celebrities often use the word to describe their interests and celebrate their success.


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