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New Law For Legal Firms


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Law is a field that changes rapidly. Legal firms must be able to adapt and evolve as new opportunities present themselves. One trend that many legal practices have turned to is the concept of “new law.” This is a broad idea that can include things like providing services in underserved communities, finding innovative ways to reach clients and creating strategies that are not traditionally part of legal practice. New law can help firms grow and expand in a way that benefits their clients.

SS 209 – Notification of a breach of the security of the system or a breach of network security; shared data

This article establishes a new procedure for notifying a user of a breach of the security of their personal information in electronic form, and provides that such notice shall also be given to the individual’s attorney. It also defines the term “shared data,” which means any information that is collected, stored or transmitted electronically by one entity for the purposes of communicating with, making a determination about, or otherwise processing the information of another individual. It includes, but is not limited to, credit card and social security numbers, medical records, banking information, financial transaction data, and e-mail addresses.

SS 202 – Disclosure of student loan forgiveness programs

This bill would require the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, in consultation with the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, to prepare a notice for agency employees and job applicants regarding federal and state student loan forgiveness programs. DCWP would then make the notice available to all employers in New York City for them to distribute to their employees and job applicants.

SS 207 – Requiring third-party food delivery service providers to obtain licenses

This law requires third-party food delivery service providers to obtain a license from the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection in order to operate in the City. It would also prohibit such service providers from engaging in certain activities, including refusing to deliver to an individual’s home, using a third party’s logo without permission, and violating rules related to the use of force-fed products.

SS 224 – Establishing an exception to the item pricing requirement for retail stores that have scanners available for consumer use

This legislation amends Section 163 of the Local Laws of New York City and requires retailers to display price tags that clearly indicate when items are not subject to the requirement of having the exact amount of money required by Local Law No. 144 of 2021.

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