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Law Firms Are Making Law New

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Law firm success is often a matter of finding the right solutions to problems that come up quickly. That’s why many firms are embracing a concept known as “law new” that involves putting an emphasis on bringing legal services to underserved communities in innovative ways. While this is a small segment of the overall practice of law, it’s one that can yield enormous benefits for a firm that focuses on it.

This month 2022 brought a mix of laws that affect Californians. Some have already gone into effect, including bills that address a variety of issues from preventing sexual assault on college campuses to making it easier for families to get custody of children. But other legislation still awaits approval from the state’s legislature or governor, such as a bill that would require a special review of state prison conditions after allegations of a pattern of abuse or an act of violence by prisoners.

Others have yet to take effect, but are expected to soon, such as a law that would force companies to put salary ranges in job postings. The measure would bring more transparency to the hiring process and is part of an ongoing effort to stop gender bias in prices. Another new law that takes effect this month will end the so-called “pink tax,” which is when items marketed to women cost more than similar products for men.

To create a law, a senator or representative must sponsor it, and then it goes through a legislative process of research, debate, changes, and voting. If a bill passes both houses of Congress, it becomes a federal law. The lawmaking branch of the federal government is the House of Representatives and Senate, which both have their own processes for drafting and passing bills. In the state of New York, laws are passed by the legislature and periodically codified in the New York Consolidated Laws. Local ordinances and regulations are also passed by city agencies.