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How to Use Daily News to Teach ELA, Science, and Social Studies


Daily news is a type of media that covers current events and other important topics. The news is delivered in a variety of ways including online, on radio, and in newspapers. These publications have many advantages over other media sources because they provide more information in shorter periods of time.

Newspapers are a great source for learning about the world around us and they can be used as a teaching tool to teach students critical thinking skills. They can also help to develop students’ global awareness, communication skills, and social-emotional learning (SEL) competencies.

News-O-Matic is an educational resource that offers interactive daily news content to students in grades K-8. Thousands of schools across the United States use News-O-Matic to incorporate its content into their literacy, science, and social studies curricula.

Teachers can search for articles by standards and find lesson plans, activities, and other resources to incorporate the articles into their curriculum. They can also use News-O-Matic’s text sets based on key topics in ELA, social studies, and SEL to elevate students’ literacy skills.

Write about local news

When you’re writing your news stories, try to make them relevant to the people who read them in your community or school. You can write about a local crime, a milestone in your community such as a graduation or an event that celebrates the work you do with your organization, or a social issue that affects your school, neighborhood, or city.

Reporting on advocacy

When an organization is involved in an issue or a project, they often need to convince others that they’re right. They need to get their message out to the public and to policy makers and funders. Placing a news story in a local newspaper or magazine can be an inexpensive and effective way to do this.

You can contact the reporters at these papers directly and pitch a story. They will be interested in your story and may be willing to publish it for free. You can also try sending a press release to the paper or contacting their reporters through their websites.

If you’re not able to contact the reporters, you can write a letter to the editor in their newspaper or online. The letters can be long or short, but they must be well written and should contain facts, statistics, and information. They should also be polite and respectful to the reporter.

Consider reporting on a trending topic

When you’re writing about a trending topic, be sure that your story is timely and accurate. It is especially important to cover the latest in your subject area if you’re writing for an audience that isn’t familiar with it. This can be difficult because people are often unaware of the latest developments in their fields.

You can also use the internet to research your topic. There are a number of websites that have credible and reliable news content, but you should always make sure that the source is legitimate before using it. Some sites may seem trustworthy but are actually misleading. The best news sites are those that have journalistic practices and have an editorial process. They are backed by a team of journalists and they have good, unbiased reporting. They also have an emphasis on investigative journalism, and they dig deep into a wide range of issues.