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Gambling Terminology

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Gambling games Gambling terminology

You may be surprised to learn how many terms are used when playing gambling games. Snake eyes, for example, is the result of rolling two dice and getting a single pip on each. “Steam” refers to a sudden rush of money to a certain team or total that causes a fast line move. Another term you may hear is “SU,” or “straight up.”

Wild cards

Wild cards in gambling games are beneficial because they increase your luck factor. A full house no longer looks good when five of a kind is possible. When there are only 3 people in the hand, declaring “low” with garbage holdings can back you into half the pot. Adding wild cards increases your chances of beating your opponent. These extra chances are what keep many players from quitting or leaving a table, which leads to monster pots.

Fixed odds

The word “fixed” has many meanings in the world of betting. It is often used to refer to a betting market where the odds are fixed for a specific event. However, fixed odds don’t mean that the event is favored or predetermined in any way. Instead, the odds are fixed when the bookmaker accepts a bet. For example, the price of a horse at +140 could dip to +125 before the race begins.

Expected value

The expected value is the result that a gambler can expect over a certain period of time. It is often derived from the odds and probabilities of a game. The expected value of a particular game is calculated by calculating its probability and payout based on a large number of random samples. The more sample outcomes, the higher the expected value. The calculation itself is quite simple. Here are some examples.

Face card

The Face card in gambling games is a card that a player uses to capture the other cards on the table. There are four different types of face cards: the face card, number cards, and the wild card. Some of these cards have special characteristics to help you in capturing them. Face cards also capture cards with the same value as the one being played. Hence, the Face card in gambling games is a valuable tool to use when you are trying to make a winning hand.


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Betting limits

In a land-based casino, betting limits describe minimum and maximum bets. Generally, a player must wager a minimum amount to be eligible to play. The maximum betting amount may vary, though. Casinos use betting limits to maintain a level of fair play for all players. The minimum and maximum amounts are set in the rules of individual games. These limits are intended to discourage players from robbing casinos of all their money.


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The term “Toke” is a shortened form of the phrase “tip,” referring to the money dealers receive from players. Casino dealers make a portion of their salaries from tips, but not their entire salary. Their tips often don’t cover their full salary, and the minimum wage is not the same across all locations. Therefore, the term “Toke” can mean several different things. Below are some common uses of the word “Toke.”