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Gambling Terminology For Casino Games

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Understanding the terminology for casino games can make your casino experience better. Knowing the terminology will also make understanding the games easier. While this list does not include every term used in the casino world, it will help you get started and avoid making mistakes. Besides, the terms listed here are used for informational purposes only, so it is not a requirement to know all of them.

Game of chance

Game of chance is a type of gambling with a randomized element, but it can also have a part of skill. It has been used for thousands of years, and its history is older than that of skill-based games. The oldest known game of chance involves the use of animal bones, and dates back to 3600 BC. Today, games of chance are often played with dice.

Game of skill

Unlike casino games where you are forced to use luck, games of skill require you to use your skills and strategies in order to win. However, there is still a small element of luck.

Combination of skill and chance

The combination of chance and skill in gambling games is an important aspect of gambling. While many games are completely based on chance, a lot of skill and knowledge are involved. Players of such games have to read the other players and develop strategies in order to win. They must also understand how certain combinations of cards can affect the outcome of the game.


When playing casino games, it’s crucial to keep your bankroll under control. By setting a specific amount of money to play with, you’ll ensure that you’ll never go over your allocated money. You’ll also be able to make intelligent decisions when it comes to how much you stake per hand and stop losses.


There are many different types of actions that can be taken in a gambling game. For example, when playing a game of poker, it is considered an action if you make a raise. When you raise a bet, you are essentially applying a higher bet to an earlier bet. However, you should not use the phrase “re-raise” when you raise your original bet.


It is possible to use mathematical analysis to predict the outcome of gambling games. This analysis is known as hypothesis testing. It uses statistical tests and computer simulations to determine the probability of a specific outcome. Most regulatory bodies have certain statistical requirements for casino games. However, there are variations. Different jurisdictions require different amounts of statistical analysis.

Betting line

A betting line is the difference between two teams with the same odds and is used in gambling games. The movement of the line can indicate whether the public is leaning one way or another. It also reflects how sharp money is betting and if casual bettors are weighing in on the game.

Fixed-odds game

Fixed-odds gambling games are those that involve wagering on the outcome of a game. Some examples of these games include roulette and the coin flip.