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Five Digital Sources For Daily News

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Getting the news from a source you trust is essential. It helps you make informed decisions about your life and career, and is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date on events that impact your daily life.

When you’re too busy to spend time reading the newspaper, there are plenty of digital tools that can help. These include email newsletters that deliver headlines and must-read articles, and mobile apps that provide breaking stories on the go.

Need2Know is an e-newsletter that breaks down the news into pithy summaries with insightful commentary and a bit of humor. It’s also a great way to keep up on current affairs, and it’s available for free (sign up here).

Pulse delivers timely news to you via a personalized feed that includes industry and company specific content. It’s free and works with most smartphones.

The New York Times Podcast provides in-depth coverage of the day’s top stories, from politics to business and entertainment, with hosts who know their stuff. Their podcasts feature interviews with journalists and experts who explain the big news and break it down into digestible chunks.

This site combines breaking global news with analysis from the Center for Foreign Relations. It’s a handy resource for anyone interested in international affairs, especially those who work or travel outside the U.S.

NBC Nightly News is the evening news broadcast of NBC in the United States. It airs five nights a week and is hosted by Lester Holt.

You’ll get the latest national and international news, plus in-depth coverage of the issues that matter most to you. Featuring news anchors Jeff Glor and Lester Holt, the show is ideal for those looking to learn more about what’s happening in their world.

The World News Roundup is a compilation of the latest global news from the BBC’s main broadcasting outlets: World Update, Newshour, Newsday, The Newsroom and Outside Source. The show runs for 30 minutes twice a day and once on weekends.

Need2Know, on the other hand, is an e-newsletter that condenses the most important news of the morning into pithy summaries with commentary written as if by a smart and sassy co-worker. It’s a quick way to catch up on the headlines before heading to work, and it’s also a fun read.

It’s a popular choice among millennials and Gen-Xers, who prefer to read their news in short, readable bursts that give them an instant understanding of the day’s most important stories. The e-newsletter is delivered to your inbox each morning and contains the most recent headlines from the most reliable sources, with links to original articles if you want to dig deeper into the story.

This site is a great place to start your morning, as it provides news from all over the world. Its selection of topics is based on the most pressing global issues of the day, and it’s updated every morning.

Another great choice for mornings is the Associated Press’s Pulse app, which offers breaking news on a range of topics. The app also sends you notifications about stories that affect your industry or your connections.