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Examples of Technology and Its Impacts



In a nutshell, technology is the application of skills, methods, and accumulated knowledge in order to make something easier or better. It can also refer to the processes that are employed in scientific research and industrial production. Here are some of the main examples of technology. Read on to discover more. Technology is a growing field that impacts every facet of society. To better understand technology, here are some examples of technology and its impacts. The definition of technology includes any process that facilitates a more efficient, productive, or effective way of doing something.


The definition of concepts in technology varies considerably, but is usually divided into two categories: the big ideas and the characteristics of technology. The former category includes the universal attributes that technology has and the latter is the nature of the factors that influence the design of technology. In a way, each view embodies the other, but their definitions are somewhat similar. As a result, the main goals of teaching technology are similar: to encourage balanced perceptions of technology.

While technological innovations have helped economies develop, they have also led to many side effects, including the pollution of natural resources and the production of unwanted by-products. Various philosophical debates have arisen on the appropriate use of technology. Some have condemned the pervasiveness of technology and its impact on our society. While reactionary movements claim that technology is ruining the environment and destroying human relationships, others see the benefits of technology and consider it a necessary part of advancing civilization.


Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to achieve practical goals in industry and life. It can be as ancient as the discovery of a needle, or as modern as quantum computers, smart cities, and advanced artificial intelligence. Some of the examples of technology today include:

Technology applications classes use a wide range of media and telecommunications to facilitate higher order thinking skills, connect student technology standards to content standards, and meet diverse student needs. Students in this course also develop portfolios of technology-based products and assessment tools. Ultimately, they learn about the nature of technology systems and its implications for society and learning. The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) scopes for sixth grade inform the course content.


There are many critics of technology and the technological age. Herbert Marcuse, Jacques Ellul, and John Zerzan have all argued that technological societies are fundamentally flawed. They argue that these societies have the potential to limit human freedom and lead to detrimental effects on our physical and psychological health. Some of the more popular critiques of technology have come from literary works. The latest “Space Jam” movie and a Netflix documentary capture some of these ideas quite well. It is important to note that these works are not necessarily representative of all criticisms of technology.

Science fiction films have long been preoccupied with technology, and novelists have moved beyond careless technophilia. Even so, dystopian works still depict technology as a force for good and bad. For instance, one of the best-known dystopian novels features a dystopian society dominated by technology. In these dystopian worlds, technology is the primary source of conflict and tension. Nonetheless, a dystopian vision of the future is still the best way to understand the implications of these technologies.

Impact on society

The impact of technology on society is deep and far-reaching. Its use has impacted human beings, society, and the environment. How these technologies are used will determine whether they are beneficial or harmful to society. There are many ways to apply these technologies to improve society. The following are just a few examples. o Tech solutions make physical spaces more accessible to people with disabilities. o Unfair social practices are a common problem in modern society.

o Misuse of technology and power: Some people misrepresent technology and try to label it as harmful, when in reality the opposite is true. Many technologies require energy to process products, operate cars, light homes, and run technological machines. Fortunately, there are renewable energy sources that can be used to replace fossil fuels. However, people have to recognize that technology can have adverse effects on society and must be used responsibly. In addition, it has the potential to harm society and create a growing social divide.

Future of technology

We’re all familiar with the term “Internet of Things,” but what exactly is it? It’s a new way of connecting every electronic device in our lives to the internet. New refrigerators, for example, will automatically order food from the Internet if they’re low on supplies. Soon, our homes will be connected to every object in them. That’s a major transformation for the world of technology, but what does it mean for us?

Williams says we need to create a more inclusive tech industry. Founders of tech companies should think about the impact their technology will have on the world. The tech workforce is disproportionately white – less than 30 percent of tech employees are female. And just 2.6% of venture capital goes to minority and female tech founders. To change that, Williams calls for an intentional corporate world, where diversity is celebrated, and a change in mindset.