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Daily News For UPSC Exam Preparation


daily news

A daily newspaper is a publication that is published at least once a day, except on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays. A daily newspaper may also be published in the form of a periodical book. Generally, a daily newspaper includes news, politics, business, sports, and entertainment.

Founded in 1919, the New York Daily News was the first successful tabloid newspaper in the United States. The paper attracted readers with sensational stories of crime, scandal and violence, lurid photographs, and cartoons and other entertainment features. It was one of the first newspapers to adopt wirephotography.

The New York Daily News is a morning daily newspaper that serves the city of New York and its surrounding region. It is owned by Tribune Publishing, and is the largest newspaper chain in the United States. The Daily News publishes several editions in multiple languages. It has offices in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island. The paper has a bureau at City Hall, and maintains local offices within the offices of various New York city government agencies and courthouses.

In addition, the New York Daily News has a wide range of online offerings including a website, an app, and several social media channels. The newspaper is the most widely read English language daily in the United States, with more than 7 million unique visitors per month.

The New York Times describes the newspaper’s editorial stance as “flexibly centrist, with a high-minded, if populist, legacy.” It was initially a staunchly Republican newspaper in line with its sister publication, the Chicago Tribune, and supported isolationism during World War II. From the 1970s on, it shifted its stance and became more liberal.

BYJU’S CNA is the best daily current affairs for UPSC exam preparation. This page provides daily news analysis for IAS aspirants. It also covers detailed coverage of the Indian economy with updates on GDP growth, inflation, and more. Moreover, this page also covers important scientific advancements and their potential impact on society. It also provides insights into various government initiatives aimed at boosting economic growth like Make in India and Digital India.

In the financial markets, a busy week of data could add to speculation that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates in September. In the bond market, yields on 10-year Treasuries hit five-week highs.