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Daily News for UPSC Civil Services Exams

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The Daily News is an American newspaper that focuses on national and local news with a New York City focus. Its award-winning writers and columnists report on politics, the city’s sports teams (the Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets), and celebrity news and gossip.

The paper’s website offers a comprehensive selection of video, audio, and multimedia. The website also allows readers to download articles for offline reading. The site has a search function that is available by keyword and category, as well as a browse feature that is sorted by date and topic. The website is accessible to the public and free of charge.

As of 2024, the New York Daily News’s digital audience is 4.8 million unique visitors per month, making it one of the most-read newspapers on the internet in the United States. The Daily News has a long tradition of political journalism and is known for its hard-hitting investigative work. The paper’s editorial stance has been described as “flexibly centrist” with a high-minded, populist legacy.

The paper is a founding member of the American Society of News Editors, and has an active members’ discussion board on its website. The Daily News has also been a member of the Alliance for Audited Media and the Newspaper Association of America in the past.

A major part of the paper’s heritage comes from the early twentieth century, when it was one of the most popular newspapers in the country. It was first printed in 1919 as the Illustrated Daily News and became a tabloid in 1921. At its height, the newspaper had a circulation of over 2.4 million daily. It found abundant subject matter in the scandals of the day — from political wrongdoing like the Teapot Dome Scandal to social intrigue such as Wallis Simpson’s romance with King Edward VIII.

This Daily Current Affairs page provides a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the latest news for UPSC Civil Services aspirants. This includes updates on the latest developments related to climate change and environmental degradation. It also covers important news related to conservation efforts, as well as the impact of these issues on human life and biodiversity.

The death of the local newspaper would be a disturbing story in anyone else’s hands, but in Death of the Daily News, Andrew Conte gives it an anatomy that is both insightful and uplifting. His book is a must-read for every citizen who cares about the future of local news and its role in a democracy that is increasingly being shaped by social media. Cleverly organized around the stages of grief, this is a rich, fascinating, and necessary anatomy of what happens when a town loses its newspaper. And of how it might revive it. It is both a call to action and a roadmap for the future of journalism. A profoundly moving and wise book. It is also a very timely one. The story of what happens in one small town as its newspaper dies is happening everywhere, and it is not yet fully understood or appreciated.