Chicago Business News – Consumer Complaints and How to Handle Them


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The bafflingly named Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (DBAP) oversees the licensing and regulatory regime for Chicago area businesses. Among other things, DBACP also provides informative seminars and training sessions for local business owners. It is no wonder then that many Chicagoans would vouch for the DBAP’s credentials. For example, one of the best ways to improve your business is to become aware of consumer complaints and how to respond to them. The DBAP has a well-stocked database of consumer complaints, as well as an ad-hoc consumer complaints hotline. As an alternative to the more traditional methods, the DBACP has also launched a new consumer complaints mobile app that allows users to check for pending complaints and take action. Moreover, DBACP also has a trove of information about city businesses in its directory. That said, you will likely need to spend some time to weed through the countless listings to find the ones that matter.