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Business News – The Branch of Journalism That Deals With Commercial Activities and Their Impacts on Society

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Business news is the branch of journalism that deals with commercial activities and their impacts on society. It can include information on companies, markets, industry trends and forecasts. This type of news is important to investors, stakeholders and consumers. It can also affect political decisions. Business news is typically published in newspapers, magazines, radio and online. It can cover any aspect of the commercial world, from small local businesses to global giants.

A business is any organized activity that provides goods or services in exchange for payment. The term is often used to refer to a profit-seeking enterprise, but it can also apply to not-for-profit organizations that seek to achieve a specific social goal. A business can be private, government owned or a cooperative. It can employ a few people or thousands of them. It can make a lot of money or lose a great deal of it.

There is a huge market for business news. Consumers and investors both want to stay informed about the current state of the economy, especially when making purchasing decisions. This news is important to help them make informed decisions and avoid bad investments. It can also affect stock prices, which in turn can influence the economy.

The first business newspaper was printed in 1700, and Daniel Defoe, best known for his novel Robinson Crusoe, began publishing regular reports on commerce and economics. By the 19th century, Charles Dow started a financial news service that became the Wall Street Journal. Other famous muckraking journalists included Ida Tarbell, who exposed the Standard Oil Company in the 1900s. Today, there are many reputable business news sources.

In addition to general business news, there are many specialized publications that focus on specific industries or issues. These publications are often published on a regular basis and may feature more in-depth coverage than general news sites or major newspapers. They can be found in print and on microform, and some may be available through the Library of Congress’s Newspaper and Current Periodical Room.

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