Business News

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Business news is a type of financial news that focuses on businesses and their operations. It can also cover major events that affect the business world such as economic policies, other legislation and global news. Business news can be found in a variety of media outlets including newspapers, magazines and online sources. Some of the biggest providers of business news include CNN, The Wall Street Journal, BBC and The New York Times.

A business is an entity that provides products and/or services that are desired by customers. It is operated with the primary goal of making profit. This is accomplished through production, marketing and sales. A business can be organized in a number of ways, but two common structures are a corporation and a partnership. A corporation is a separate legal entity that has limited liability while a partnership is an informal association of individuals who share risks and profits.

The term business began being used in the 17th century and was popularized by Daniel Defoe in his novel Robinson Crusoe. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, business news became increasingly popular as companies were publicly traded, allowing people to invest in them. The Wall Street Journal was the first newspaper to specialize in business news and was founded in 1889. The muckraking journalist Ida Tarbell is often credited for bringing business journalism to the forefront.

In the modern era, business news is available in a variety of formats including television and radio. It is a highly sought after topic due to its effect on the economy and stock market. People are also interested in business news because it can help them understand the trends that are taking place within different industries.

Most of the major businesses have their own dedicated news division that is responsible for producing and disseminating business related information. Many of these departments also maintain a website that features the latest business news. In addition, many of the larger newspapers have their own business news sections as well.

The Library of Congress offers a number of print and microform business news sources. To find more information on these resources, please visit the Business News Research Guide and/or ask a librarian. Additionally, if you have specific questions about business news research, please contact the Business Reference Desk by phone or email.